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Washington County Health Department Releases COVID-19 Update

The Washington County Health Department states that as of April 14 there are no new cases of COVID-19 confirmed by lab tests.

Approximately 39 negative lab tests on county residents have been reported to the health department.  These numbers are only those residents that have been tested for COVID-19 at the lab.

Illinois Department of Public Health continues to advise that NOT all people with respiratory illness needs to be tested. Even though people may not be tested, doesn’t mean that they do not have COVID-19.  If you are contacted by local public health officials, please respond quickly to help contain the spread of disease. If you have been around someone who is sick, watch yourself for symptoms of illness.

Residents are advised to “protect yourself, your family, and your community from the spread of disease, continue to practice social distancing, hand hygiene, and wear a mask. Stay home and away from others when you are sick. Treat your symptoms at home when you can. If you are needing medical care, call your doctor for medical advice.”

WCHD Elizabeth Lehde said in the release: “Thank you to our community for following public health recommendations and reducing the spread of COVID-19. We are all in this together and need your continued help in keeping Washington County safe.”

On Saturday, April 11, the Perry County Health Department announced its first reported positive case. The female in her 30s has been believed to have acquired the virus through contact with a known or suspected case. The health department is monitoring the situation along with the Illinois Department of Public Health, both hospitals in Perry County and the local emergency management authorities.

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