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Nascote Creates, Donates Face Shields To Local Entities

Mark Rudofski, general manager at Nascote Industries

By Leah Williams

Nascote Industries in Nashville recently completed the construction and distribution of thousands of face shields for healthcare workers and first responders to use during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Dahlquist, human resource manager said the company constructed 6,800 of the shields to be passed out to needed entities for personal protection equipment. The chance to help those in need coincided with the company’s shutdown due to the pandemic. The factory ceased operations on March 23.

“We were down, and we saw an opportunity to help the community,” Dahlquist said.

Locally, there were 240 given to Washington County Emergency Management Agency, 300 to Washington County Hospital and 120 were sent to Friendship Manor in Nashville.

Nascote’s parent company had taken on the initiative to produce 100,000 face shields  as a way to protect frontline workers.

“This was part of Nascote’s promise to make 24,000,” shields, Dahlquist said.

Matt Bierman, EMA coordinator for the county, said he happened to learn about the construction of the face shields when he was discussing other EMA matters at NOTS Logistics. He had been wanting to procure some of the shields as extra protection for the county emergency responders.

“It was wonderful to get these for these guys,” Bierman said. “You hear about companies doing this on a national level but to have someone in your own backyard, it’s incredible to have.”

Friendship Manor expressed their gratitude for the face shields, posting on its Facebook page on Friday, a photo that read: “Thank You!!! Nascote and Staff. Keeping Our Residents and Staff Safe.”

Other shields produced at Nascote will be shipped to the Illinois EMA so that the state could distribute the PPE to other places that are in need.


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    Thank you so much !!

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    This is awesome!!!!

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    Nice work .

  4. Anonymous on April 29, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    Way to go Nascote!!

  5. Anonymous on April 29, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Why can’t they share locally instead of essentially sending them to Chicago. There are hundreds of employees there that live outside of Nashville

  6. Anonymous on April 29, 2020 at 11:50 am

    This is amazing!!

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