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District 49 Call Home

Parent please take a moment to take the parent survey on the school website  The survey pertains to your family’s Internet Connectivity.

Kindergarten Graduation will be on Mr. Fairbanks Twitter, @mrfairbanksngs, on Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00am! Mr. Fairbanks will announce the class and then the graduate’s first name. Please take a picture of your child getting their certificate and medallion (this will be in your child’s packet you pick up on May 14th) and email it to Mr. Fairbanks! The pictures will then be on our school website! If you miss it, you can watch graduation on the school website!

If you have a child who will be entering Kindergarten next fall and haven’t registered yet, please call the school office so a packet can be mailed to you, 327-4304.

Here is the final pick up and drop schedule, please stop by anytime from 9:00 – 5:00 at the primary entrance for primary students and the middle school entrance for middle school students:

May 14 – PreK and Kindergarten

May 15 – First and Eighth Grade

May 18 – Second and Seventh Grade

May 19 – Third and Sixth Grade

May 20 – Fourth and Fifth Grade

At this time you will bring back your child’s computer, textbooks, AR and Library Books, anything belonging to the school. You will get back your child’s personal items and in some cases packets and items from your child’s teacher.

In this pick up will also be your child’s art projects. Normally art projects are taken to the Washington County Fair to be displayed. But this year you will be able to take the projects to the fair.

At this pick up also, all medication, inhalers, epi pens, etc. will be bagged up for your family to take home.

Today is the last day to take an AR test. All AR prizes will be in the pick-up bags with your child’s belongings. Those students earning lunch with Mr. Fairbanks will enjoy this when we come back to school next school year!

Yearbooks for this school year will be delivered next school year. Yearbooks may be ordered now by mailing in the form (or a note with the same information) to school with the $15.00 payment. You may also return the form to school at the last pick up.

DVDs of the 2019 Primary School Christmas Program also may be ordered now. You may mail in the form or again drop it off at school at packet pick-ups. The cost of the DVD is $5.00.

Lunch balance and fee balance notices were emailed home this week. Please know this is for informational purposes, please only pay when it’s convenient for your family. Lunch funds can be transferred to pay for fee balances, if you have any questions just call or email 327-4304 x 100 or

Lunch and fees can be paid by mailing in your check, dropping payment off at the packet pick up, or through Skyward’s Family Access. If you have forgotten your login or password, you can email Jenny Schuette at and she’ll help you out.

All balances will be held over for next school year.

Mr. Mike Flure, our afternoon custodian, is retiring this summer. If you could help us celebrate his retirement by having your child write a note of thanks or trace their hand and draw a picture for Mr. Flure, thanking him for his “helping hand” around our school! This can be mailed or dropped off at school! Thanks in advance for helping us celebrate Mr. Flure’s time here at Nashville.


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