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Area Industries Help The Frontline

By Leah Williams

In the middle of pandemic, there can be stories all around us of people and industries stepping up and helping those around them.

Here are a couple of these local examples right here in Nashville:

GDB International

The Washington County Historical Society stated that President Cathy Dinkelman was able to provide some needed hard to find N95 masks for Friendship Manor Nursing Home in Nashville.

The society said Dinkelman of GDB International contacted CEO Sanjeev Bagaria to secure 70 masks to be express shipped to Nashville.

“She hand delivered the boxed masks to the Friendship Manor Nursing Home Administrator where, after a short period of quarantine, they will be provided to the healthcare workers,”  Elaine Rucker said.

This was not the first delivery that was made in the community. Masks had also been previously secured for the Washington County Hospital.

The reason that the N95 masks are important personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers because the thick material can better protect themselves while they may be treating patients exhibiting COVID-19 like symptoms, because it fits tightly around the face. It is also capable of filtering approximately 95 percent of airborne particles.

Since the pandemic began, these kinds of pasts have been in short supply.

“Many thanks to GBD International Inc for stepping up and providing these much needed masks,” Rucker said. “Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the healthcare workers and the community for keeping their loved ones safe and healthy.”

Antolin Nashville Designing, Manufacturing And Donating PPE Gowns For Health Care

At the end of March, Antolin Nashville donated their internal stock of PPE suits used by employees in the paint and glue spray areas to Washington County Hospital.  However, the demand for PPE remains high during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Antolin received the opportunity to transition current technology to manufacturing medical PPE gowns.  Materials normally used to manufacture automobile interior headliners are now being cut and sown into gowns at the Nashville, IL facility.  Over 4,000 gowns have already been made by Antolin employees.  Gowns will continue to be manufactured even as production resumes over the next several weeks.  The gowns are being packed, shipped and donated to healthcare facilities to protect our healthcare providers.    

Employees at all levels of the manufacturing process have contributed to this effort.  “I am proud to have our employees engaged in this endeavor” says, General Manager, Mark Deterding.  “The manufacturing processes used for many products are similar across varying industries.  It just makes sense to transition our technology for the health and safety of our healthcare providers.”  Special thanks to our Antolin Nashville Employees:  Carrie Quick, Pam Terry, Lisa Margenthaler, Gina Holthaus, Brian Washington, Ryan Haukap, Roger Asbury, Sierra Lyons, Heath Kinnear, Dave Wojtowicz, Mike Melendez, Keegan Anderson, Zach Koelling, Jeff Pelka, Tim Kellerman, Jake Bathon, Shelia Frieman and Matt Woofter.

Joanna Elliott said the gowns will be shipped to Healthmark Industries (a medical equipment distributor) and Ascension Providence Rochester Hospitals.  Distribution of the gowns will be focused on Nursing Home Staff and Home Health Providers. Nashville will provide over 5000 gowns in the next couple of weeks.

A small amount of production resumed this week with additional production lines scheduled to increasingly scale beginning the weeks of May 18th and 26th.

Giving BACK To Our Community: NOTS Provides Gift Certificates For Local Healthcare Workers

NOTS Logistics and the Kirchner Family of Companies recently recognized Washington County Hospital and Friendship Manor Rehabilitation & Healthcare essential Health Care providers. Each full-time employee at both business locations received a gift certificate redeemable at 5 local Nashville Illinois eateries.

  Said Andy Kirchner, President of NOTS Logistics “We are proud to recognize the dedicated frontline Health Care workers at both Washington County Hospital and Friendship Manor Rehabilitation & Healthcare. Every day, they are all working diligently to treat, assist, and comfort those in need, especially during these challenging times. It is these dedicated individuals that ensure that local resident’s health, medical needs and safety needs are prioritized. We thank them for their efforts in our community.”

Kirchner continued, “We contacted 5 locally owned and operated restaurants and made arrangements to purchase 50 $20.00 gift certificates from each. With the total of nearly 250 full time employees at WCH and Friendship Manor Rehabilitation & Healthcare, we felt it also appropriate to assist other family owned, small businesses as well during these difficult times. Each business owner provided certificates redeemable for meals at their local eateries. We then presented those certificates to WCH and Friendship Manor Rehabilitation & Healthcare so they could be distributed to their employees. We were fortunate that we were able to express our gratitude to both WCH and Friendship Manor and to assist Buretta’s, Dairy Queen, El Indio, Girolamo’s and Meier’s Market at the same time. It was truly an effort to benefit as many local individuals as possible.”

We hope that Nashville residents/businesses will to continue to support their locally owned, family businesses throughout the pandemic.

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