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For the First Time in 50 Years, The Nashville Golf Course Gets Face Lift

Above: A view of the newly upgraded clubhouse from the main entrance. The front features new windows, siding, gutters, and doors.

By: Garrett Krohne

For the first time in 50 years, the Nashville Municipal Golf Course will feature a new look. Josh Evans, the course Superintendent, says the remodeling started around late February to early March and took roughly a month and a half. It was performed by Steigman Construction out of Nashville, Illinois. The crew was able to get a bulk of the construction finished prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was still some trim painting on the inside that needed to be finished, but they were able to knock it out before the course opened back up to the public on May 1st.

“I’m happy to see a facelift,” Evans said.

As the customers  venture to the course they will also see  several upgrades made to the building. It received new vinyl citing as well as new facial covering and siding covers. Instead of the brown wood paneling the building had before, the citing is now tan.  The exterior doors were also removed and replaced with new ones. New windows and gutters also help spice up the new look. The cart shed was too taken care of. It received new tan siding and gutters to match that of the clubhouse.

“The gutters were shot,” said Evans.

To go along with the other renovations, a new exterior door was put on the shed as were two new garage doors.  In a couple spots outside, there were  some old wooden panels that were rotting; those too were replaced.

“There was a structural need as well,” Evans said.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all visitors are prohibited from entering the clubhouse. One normalcy returns, and customers are able to walk inside, they will be exposed to fresh light gray colored paint on the walls where as the old look was a white color with wallpaper time.  There were also several interior doors “There was a structural need as well,” Evans said.

The nine hole course is the home to Hornet and Hornette golf as well as the women and men’s golf leagues. Customers are encouraged to call in advance to schedule a tee-time.

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