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Additional COVID-19 Case Reporting

The Washington County Health Department announced Saturday that an additional COVID-19 case is now reporting.

Health department staff said it is working on contacting the male in his 30s to determine close contacts and how he transmitted the disease, and health department will continue to follow up with any new cases and identified close contacts as we are notified.  

To date, there are 414 negative results that have been reported to the department at this time.


The summary of the county’s  twenty (20) confirmed cases are:

2 active
18 released from isolation
0 deaths


Illinois Department of Public Health is posting number of cases by zip code for those having more than five (5) cases.  This information, as well as case and test counts, can be found at


If you are contacted by the health department, return calls quickly.  The health department is working hard to identifythose at risk and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  These tracking practices help public health officials determine when, where, how, and who is most at risk of transmitting and contracting Coronavirus.  As we move forward in resuming activities, this information will be more important than ever to understand what will be safe to do and what puts us most at risk.

For testing, contact your healthcare provider or find whereopen testing sites are locally at

Guidance, information, and infographics for Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan can be found at  

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