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Health Department Releases Phase IV Guidelines

The Washington County Health Department stated this week guidelines for the upcoming Phase IV, which is set to begin June 26.

According to the health department, it “regulates 89 separate food establishments throughout the county.  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Washington County food establishments have limited their food services since early March.  Washington County has one of the lowest incidences of infection of any county in Southern Illinois thanks to not only our food establishments but also our entire population’s diligence in keeping safe.

The Illinois Recovery Plan, Phase III guidelines currently allow outdoor dining only.  Phase III is expected to come to an end on Friday, June 26, 2020.  As we near the end of Phase III, our indoor eating establishments are anxious to open their doors once again.  Although the specific requirements regarding what comes next are yet uncertain, it is likely that the State Phase IV guidelines will set limits to indoor dining.

The current Phase IV “Revitalization” allow:

  • Open with capacity limits and safety guidance (such as enhanced sanitation, distance spacing between customers and wearing facemasks)

Until the limitations posed by the current Illinois Recovery Plan expire, the public is advised to continue adhere to Phase III limits and to take all efforts to reduce COVID-19 infection.  Please continue to avoid crowded conditions and practice social distancing.  Wear facemasks whenever social distancing is not practical.  Avoid persons who are ill and see your doctor if you become ill.  Only with the continued help from all county residents and food establishments will our county continue to resist the spread of this deadly disease.

Please contact the Washington County Health Department or your local medical practitioner with questions or for more information.”

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