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Nashville Home Features Elaborate, Patriotic Chalkart Creations

By Leah Williams

A lot has been done with sidewalk chalk. Take a leisurely stroll down any street and many neighbors have decked out their lawns and windows with bright and cheery messages to help one another get through the current quarantine.

But a walk down Buhrman Street in Nashville will also showcase a bright rendition of Old Glory.

BreeAnna Pelczynski said she and her husband Tommy were inspired by a Facebook group showing different sidewalk chalk drawings. Tommy took to his garage for a multi-colored rainbow design.

The first one went over so well that a second one was in the works. BreeAnna said both designs were made with “multiple tubs” of regular sidewalk chalk. Careful calculations were made to get the stripes lined up perfectly and the red from the bricks was used for the red flag stripes.

“So many people are getting out and walking,” she said. “We are just hoping to bring a smile to someone’s face.”

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