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Nashville Blue Racer Season Set To Begin This Week

Rylee Habbe swims during the Blue Racers meet with Red Bud last July. The Blue Racer season is back this week with practices beginning on Tuesday, July 7.

Over the course of the last few months, the public has been faced with disappointment, unknowns, and anticipation. This week, all of those things take a back seat to reality as the Blue Racer season has begun.The team is coached by Steve Browne and Karrie Kujawa. Browne has been on the board for six years, and is entering his fourth year as a coach. Kujawa has been on the board for close to ten years. Steve Browne, who is one of the Co- Coaches for the team along with Karrie Kujawa, expressed his excitement.

“We are very excited to get back in the pool. I know the parents are excited. I think every- body is just happy to get out of the house,” said Browne.

When the state released Phase 3 of the return to play plan, it was allowed for public pools to open for activities such as lap swimming. It was decided last Monday it was allowed for the season to begin. Last season, the Blue Racers had over 90 swimmers aging from ages five to eighteen. As of Monday morning, which was the first day to register, there were already 60 swimmers who had signed on to play.

It’s been a busy week,” said Browne.

While swimmers are usually required to register by July 1st, Browne noted due to the season only lasting until August 7th, there is no timetable on registration this season. The Blue Racers are in a conference with the likes of Pinckneyvile, Red Bud, Millstadt, Sparta, and Carlyle. While the conference is made up of the previously listed six teams, this season it will just be Nashville, Pinckneyville, and Carlyle.

“It’s just going to be us three teams this season. We will have matches, we just don’t know when or how,” noted Browne.

As mentioned before, the age range to be a Blue Racer ranges from 5-18. There will be practice everyday there is not a scheduled match. The younger group will practice in the morning from 8-9:30, while the more advanced swimmers will go in the evening from 9-10. The swim team is welcome to all Washington County residents, given they are within the proper age range. The cost is $50 per swimmer as well as an additional $15 with each additional swimmer. For information regarding registration, residents are encouraged to contact Karrie Kujawa.

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