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Local Bars, Restaurant Close This Weekend Due To Potential Exposure to COVID-19

The 127 Lounge and the Famous Blue Room announced closures over the weekend due to potential exposure of COVID-19.

“We are waiting on results to ensure all of our staff are in the clear,” the 127 Lounge Official said. “This is a voluntary measure to help ensure the safety of everyone. We hope you all understand and we look forward to reopening possibly as soon as tomorrow. We want you all to be healthy. And please if you are not feeling well stay home. If you were exposed to a positive case and have any symptoms, get tested and stay home.”

Tim Hanke posted on the Blue Room’s Facebook page that the exposure potentially came from Washington and Clinton counties. “This is a precautionary measure to keep everyone (customers, employees and everyone’s families safe)!” Hanke said.

The news of these closings comes a couple of days after the Clinton County Health Department sent a press release that officials are “tracking down” hundreds of individuals who had been exposed to the coronavirus following several large group events “where social distancing and masking were not observed and some events that moved about several county businesses on a single day.”

“There have also been numerous social events that exceeded the 50-person limit, both indoors and outdoors. The health department is now reporting the virus is widespread in all parts of the county, due to community spread.

Health Department Administrator, Sean Eifert said: “It is imperative that we continue to follow the guidance set forth by IDPH. This includes masking at all times when you are out in the public, social distancing, and observing the rules for restaurants, bars and other events.”


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