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Pinckneyville Chamber Cancels Some Mardis Gras Events, Others Planned To Happen

The Pinckneyville Chamber of Commerce announced the decision to cancel some of the events scheduled during the upcoming 98th annual Mardis Gras.

In a statement released on Thursday, August 13, that the health concerns and advice from public health officials, city officials and others before deciding to proceed with events that could be “done safely for the public.” Among the events canceled are the parade, vendor fair, car show and business trick-or-treat. More details will be released at a later date

Here is the complete release:

“After many conversations with Pinckneyville City officials, the Perry County Health Department, and other area event organizers along with several long meetings with the Board of Directors, the Chamber Board has made the decision to cancel most of the events related to the 98th Annual Mardi Gras.  This decision was extremely difficult and is not taken lightly.  The Board understands how this decision will affect businesses and the community, and we are all truly saddened to have to make this announcement.  The Board wanted nothing more than to proceed with our 2020 celebration and give the community something to look forward to during this unprecedented time in our history.  But, the health and safety of the people in our community has to be at the top of the priority list always.  With this year’s event, COVID-19 makes that priority almost impossible to accomplish with a large gathering like we have come to expect with our Mardi Gras celebrations.

“The Chamber truly appreciated all of the feedback on the poll that was published on Facebook regarding our 2020 Mardi Gras, and we read each and every one of those comments.  After the poll results, the Chamber Board proposed a well thought out plan to City officials and the Health Department that would keep the public safe and still allow for a traditional celebration.  However, COVID-19 has made quite a different impact in the last several weeks since that poll was published.  This new information was then discussed at length with City officials and the Health Department, and the plans for our 2020 celebration had to be changed.  We understand that some might say that we are cancelling too soon because who knows what will be happening in October.  We don’t know what is going to be happening in our community with COVID-19 in October, but we do know that Mardi Gras takes months of planning and preparation.  These hard decisions had to be made now to allow the Board and volunteers to begin planning for what we can safely achieve.    

“The 98th Annual Mardi Gras will look very different this year, and the Chamber Board is asking for the community’s patience as we move forward with the Mardi Gras events that can be done safely for the public.  The parade, vendor fair, car show, and business trick or treat are cancelled for 2020.  The Chamber will be hosting the Mardi Gras Pageant as well as the 50/50 Drawing.  Details for a few other fun and different things are being worked out.  T-shirts and other merchandise will also be available to the public.  We will be announcing our theme and logo later this week, and more details about this year’s event will be announced as it is assembled.

“Mardi Gras is a long-standing tradition in our community and that would not be possible without the continued support of the community.  The Chamber and Board are very grateful for all of the support from the community and businesses throughout the year.  Mark your calendars for our 2021 celebration which will be our 99th Annual Mardi Gras on Saturday, October 30, 2021.  We are hopeful that 2021 will be bigger and better than ever before and get us back into the swing of things before our 100th anniversary! 

“The Pinckneyville Chamber has proven to be a strong organization, and COVID-19 is teaching all of us that strength is vital right now.  We will get through this as a community and have many memories to share with future generations when talking about ‘the Mardi Gras that didn’t happen.'”


The Pinckneyville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.”

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