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NCHS Projects Deficit Spending In Four Accounts For 2021 Fiscal Year

By Leah Williams

The Nashville Community High School Board learned that the projected budget for the 2020-2021 year will include possible shortfalls in some of the accounts.

NCHS Superintendent Brad Turner discussed the budget during the board meeting on Tuesday, August 18, where he said that four of the accounts are expected to have deficit spending. Those accounts include $169,000 in the education fund, $76,000 in operations and maintenance, $80,000 in transportation and $75,000 in fire, protection and safety.

“When I budgeted for the fiscal year, I hope my expenditures are a little high,” Turner said. “Revenues are very hard to project for this year.”

Turner said there is hope that the evidence-based funding is not impacted by the current coronavirus pandemic. He had said earlier in the meeting that the district had received its first EBF payment on time for this year.

Turner also said the district has already spent “a lot of money” in operation and maintenance costs to keep up with the new standards of cleaning supplies and foggers to combat the spread of the virus.

Turner said transportation will be especially hard to predict this year. He said the repayment is still a quarter behind and will be less than what had been expected. The state told the district to continue to pay drivers after the campuses were closed last spring because the repayment would be based on dollars spent instead of miles.

“That didn’t happen,” Turner said. “So our reimbursement is going to be down because we didn’t get to claim the miles for the last two and a half months of the school year. They told us one thing and did another.”

The operations and maintenance fund also included the football scoreboard expenditure, and working cash will cover that expense.

Even with the projected deficit spending in those accounts, Turner explained that the budget is expected to end in the black.

“Anytime we are deficit spending we are spending down our reserves,” he said.

In other news, Principal Mark Begando said the start of the school has continued as planned with the hybrid curriculum that was approved  at the July meeting.

“It seems to be working,” Begando said. “We’re making adjustments so that every kid can learn.”

Those accommodations could mean families with different last names put on the same schedule and allowing students who were having trouble logging in to have hot spots to help them access the online materials. Those who do not have internet access have also been able to have more time inside the building to get their coursework completed.

In other school board news, the board accepted Jean Orr’s resignation as science teacher. Colleen Seaton was hired as the AE teacher and Kenny Klaybor is to become a substitute custodian. The board also approved the boys and girls golf coaches and the cross country coach for the school year.

The next NCHS board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 15 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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