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The State Theater Rummage Sale Is Here!

Thanks to all who donated items. We have a very nice selection and variety.  We are still taking things but no clothes please and use discretion with some things. No old tires, paint cans, empty plastic bottles, etc. The town has dumpsters for “junk.” My workers have enough to do sorting and marking with out hauling your things away.

People have been so generous this year, on a good note.  One lonely body donated a new wheelchair as her parents were moving.  She was happy to donate it and we were happy to get it.  A young man bought it for his disabled friend  who was happy to get it. In all 5 people were made happy with one item.

Rummage Sale are not junk items.  Most items are useful to someone else. Our prices are very ” cheap” reasonable so people can get things they can use. We have housewares, lawnchairs, some furniture, etc.  Our purpose is to take these things and help others.

When items are not sold they will be donated to another place. For example toys will be sent to BCMW, Books & DVD’s to library, and puzzles & games to WCVW.

Thank you again to the donors. This is my 12th or 13th year of doing this. I cannot do this without the community’s help.  Again thanks to the fair board for the use of their building. The workers who set up tables, all ” 20″  of them, who mark the stuff, who sort stuff early it out etc. and the ones who loaded the trucks, cars, and vans to haul to the fairgrounds. Thank also to the Community Center for letting us store our prized possessions.

At present at the State Theater, we have no income so this sale will help pay some bills,

As soon as we can we will open the theater.  Hope to see you there!

P.S. A lot of people told me they miss the popcorn.  Me too!

Carole Moeller, State Theater Board President

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