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Community Profile: The Tip Off With Tierney Moore

By Leah Williams

A Nashville Middle School teacher and coach is on the hunt for good clothes, so much so that she spends some of her down time combing through the aisles and racks of some of the best shops around the area.

The Tip-Off With Tierney is a Facebook fashion blog that promotes the unique and stylish finds that can be found throughout Southern Illinois.

Tierney Moore said she started her page in 2016 when she was selling Younique makeup as a way to connect with her customers but the site evolved into a fashion site a few years later.

“I had always liked fashion. I had wanted a career in fashion merchandising but I didn’t like the big city. I preferred the small town,” Moore said. “I decided to switch it over to a fashion and beauty blog and it really grew from that.”

Moore works with boutique owners to offer special codes that blog visitors.

“I always like to shop small but with the quarantine and COVID, I knew that they were kind of struggling,” she said. “I thought it would be a nice route to take in helping them promote their stuff.”

Some of the shops featured on the site include Erin Elizabeth’s Clothing and Uniquely Yours in Nashville, as well as other stores in Salem, Effingham, Pinckneyville and even Mt. Sterling.

When selecting things for the blog, Moore said she tries to showcase as much as possible because what may not be her taste could be somebody else’s. It is all about putting the personal in personal styling and shopping.

“Sometimes my least favorite thing is the thing that goes over well with other people,” she said. “And if I’m in the shop, I will grab something for you. I don’t mind at all. Anything I can do to help make that sale.”

Moore said the catch with social media is to post consistently and often. Her site has now grown to nearly 1,000 members and more are added each week.

“I don’t focus on how many people are in the group,” she said. “It’s great to see that so many people like what I post.”

Moore said this holiday season she plans to run a couple of promotions, including the 12 Days of Christmas. She said it is more important now than ever to make sure to patron businesses in your area.

“I’ve always liked to shop local,” Moore said. “I think you need to support the people in your community. The small mom and pop shops need your business to keep going versus the larger scale stores, of course they want your business, they have it. They will be fine.”

Above right: Tierney Moore shows off some fall fashion on her blog. Posts can feature her and her daughter Mabry.

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