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Washington County Cases Continue To Rise

The Washington County Health Department has announced 61 new lab-confirmed cases of Covid between January 5 and January 6. Of these additional cases, 13 were cases that were incorrectly assigned to other counties and were transferred to the Washington County Health Department after their isolation period.  

These cases have occurred in children in the 1-5 age range through individuals in their 80’s. This brings the total case count of Washington County to 1331, with 106 of these cases active. There are currently 5 people in the county who are hospitalized with Covid-19. 

The total number of Covid-related deaths in Washington County is now at 23. These deaths have occurred over the past few weeks, and were reported by the Washington County Health Department on 12/26 (1), 12/30 (1), and 1/2 (2). There have been no new deaths reported since January 2nd. 

The Health Department reminds everyone that, if you have tested positive for Covid, please isolate yourself from others. If you have been told, or you believe, you have been in close contact with someone who has Covid, you should quarantine at home and watch for signs of illness. 

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