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WCVW CILA House Project Prep Continues

Nashville City Council voted to donate $10,000 to the Washington County Vocational Workshop CILA House during their January 21st meeting. The donation will go towards the house’s renovation project, in which they are adding four bedrooms, a laundry room, a wheelchair accessible bathroom, and a wheelchair ramp to the first story of the 2-story Victorian house.

Many of the current residents in the WCVW CILA house have lived there for years, according to WCVW Executive Director Cindi Cookson. The addition is necessary to allow them to continue living in the house.

“We want to keep them there as long as possible, since it has been their home for 30 years.” she said. The additions will make it safer, easier, and – ultimately – possible for that to happen. Right now, several residents live upstairs and the laundry room is located in the basement. There is no wheelchair ramp.

They expect groundbreaking to begin at some point mid-March or April. Right now, they are waiting for the contractors to finish the plans so that the fire marshall can approve them. They estimate it will take around three months to build the addition, and then they will have to wait for inspection and approval again. However, they are hopeful that the project will be completed by August.

The project is estimated to cost $150,000 in total. With the city’s donation, they have collected about $30,000. WCVW appreciates all donations to help make the house a continued home for the individuals who live there.

(Featured Image: Mayor Raymond Kolweier presents a check for $10,000 to WCVW Executive Director Cindi Cookson (left) and CILA Director Crystal Hasheider.)

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