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Weather Causing Federal Vaccine Delivery Delays

Illinois proactively orders vaccine in an effort to reduce delay

SPRINGFIELD – The federal government has notified all states of COVID-19 vaccine delivery delays across the entire country due to adverse weather and road conditions. To help offset delayed vaccine deliveries, the State of Illinois proactively ordered vaccine to be delivered to its Strategic National Stockpile Receipt, Store, and Stage site in anticipation of adverse weather. Illinois is distributing that vaccine to many providers around the state today and tomorrow, as weather permits, to continue to support vaccination operations.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Operation Warp Speed (OWS) are projecting adverse weather impacts to operations at its partner and carrier facilities where vaccines and ancillary supply kits originate.  HHS/OWS have advised that many regularly projected deliveries for Tuesday will be significantly impacted by adverse weather occurring across the U.S.  These impacts could continue throughout the week and could be affected by additional adverse weather projected later in the week.

IDPH has been in close communication with local health department and other providers on potential delays.  This has included webinars, weather situational updates, and a rapid electronic notification to all vaccine providers.  IDPH will continue to communicate with our local partners and providers with any updates as we have them.

Other areas of the country where distribution hubs are located are experiencing delays due to weather.  Anticipating this, Illinois proactively ordered vaccine that was pre-stationed in Illinois and would not be subject to delays due to weather in other parts of the country.

We will continue to closely monitor the weather and vaccine deliveries and will communicate updated delivery information to providers through the state’s electronic notification system.

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