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NCHS School Board Meets, Discusses Return To School Plan

The Nashville School Board met last Tuesday, July 20th for their monthly meeting. It was their last meeting before the beginning of the upcoming school year which will start on Aug. 12th. The school received an IDEA room and board payment as well as a reimbursement for their digital equity grant at the end of June. As a result, the educational fund was boosted. Following the treasurer’s report, Principal Mark Begando touched on his report for the 2021-22 school year. COVID restrictions were a focal point of the report. 

“We are getting back to some normalcy, it’s not going to be totally normal,” said Begando. 

When it comes to students and faculty wearing masks, as of now it is not mandated but only a suggestion. 

“I’m not taking that away from anyone who wants to wear one, if they want to wear one they can, but right now it’s not mandated by the state,” said Begando. 

As they did last year, the taking temperatures, and their hope is to continue that into this year. Begando also noted the school only had one case in the second semester, and that was on Jan. 6th. 

“We ran pretty much COVID spring in the second semester,” said Begando. 

While going over new business, Superintendent Brad Turner highlighted Begando’s points in the 2021-22 Return to School Plan. 

“We’re following the CVC’s verbiage that if students and adults are not fully vaccinated they should wear a mask indoors,” said Turner. 

Masks will be required for all students and adults while they are on school buses. They will continue to clean and disinfect classrooms regularly, and hand sanitizer will be made available. Students will also be socially distant in their classrooms as desks will be three to six feet apart. Outdoor seating will be made available for lunch. According to Dr. Ayala, the Illinois State Superintendent, remote learning will be very restricted to students who have not received the vaccine or are not eligible for one only while they are in quarantine by guidance by a local or public health department or the IDPH. 

“Obviously those are some major changes from last year,” said Turner. “Throughout the year we will communicate with our community data, and our Washington County Health Department. Any of these could change depending on our numbers.” 

The full Return to School plan can be found on the Nashville Community High School’s website. The board went on to approve the First Reading of Policy Updates from Press Issue 107, the reappointment of Stephanie Bauza as the district’s IMRF Authorized Agent, a duel sport request, the Return to School Plan as well as the status of closed session minutes and destruction of closed sessional audio recordings exceeding 18 months. 

In the Superintendent’s report, Turner announced the leaks in the freezer cooler have been fixed. The new HVAC units in the library and cafeteria are in, and the hope is to have them installed this week by J & R Appliance. The four areas of concrete on the Health Life Safety Inspection have been completed. The padding in front of the North Gym will also be replaced. The waxing of the floors is nearly completed.

“The building is getting very close for people to come in,” said Turner. 

Before adjournment, the board approved Becky Lussenheide as the cheer coach, and Brad Weathers as a volunteer assistant for boys basketball.  The next meeting will be held on Aug. 17th at 6:30 p.m. 

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