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Nashville City Council Meets Last Thursday

By: Garrett Krohne

The Nashville City Council met last Thursday for their first of two meetings for the month of December. Council members that were present were Gary Moeller, Jennifer Szopinski, Sue Finke, Shawn Kabat, Doug Hargan, and Kelly Sheridan. Also in attendance were City Attorney Bill DeMoss, Utility Superintendent Blaine Middleton, and Street Superintendent Logan Gill. The council began the meeting by approving the minutes from the previous meeting. Council Moeller made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, and it was seconded by Kabat.


Cindi Cookson was in attendance on behalf of the CILA house. She discussed an additional contribution for an unexpected cost of a sprinkler system for the recent additions to the building. The Fire Marshall determined they had made an error by not stating the CILA house needed to install a sprinkler system in the new addition. Although noting it was their mistake, it is required the house installs a sprinkler system to receive approval from the Fire Marshall. The council discussed that the labor be waived for the connection fee of a new water line for the system, which would total $500. Kabat made a motion to waive the connection fee of $500 and an additional $7,500. It was seconded by Moeller. Following the second, the council did roll call and the votes were tallied as “aye” by Moeller, Szopinski, Finke, Kabat, and Sheridan.


USI recommended the city of Nashville raise the operating cost from $1.75 to $2.05. Szopinski made a motion to raise the cost, and Sheridan seconded it. Moeller, Szopinski, Finke, and Sheridan voted aye, and the motion was carried out.

City Property & Zoning

There will be a planning commission meeting Dec. 9th at 7:30 P.M. in the Public Works Building.

Council Kabat made a motion to accept an agreement from Moran Economic Development for professional services for the City of Nashville, establishment of Tax Increment Financing Area. The motion was seconded by Sheridan.

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