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NCHS School Board Meets Last Tuesday

The Nashville Community High School school board met last Tuesday night for their regularly scheduled meeting. The board began by reviewing the issuance of working cash fund bonds. The purpose of the bonds is to increase the working cash fund for the district. The cycle is up after every three years, and it is time to renew it. There was no discussion amongst the board or citizens regarding the bonds, therefore the board transitioned into their regular agenda. 

Superintendent Brad Turner then spoke on the Treasurer’s Report. 

“Our fund balances are good, we’re continuing to receive revenue from our EBF funding,” said Turner. 

There is another round of mandated categoricals, while the school has not received those funds yet as they have not been released by the comptroller, but Turner noted the hope is to have them by the end of the month. The school still owes KSED about $230,000 from the previous round of categoricals, and the school is awaiting the bill for that balance. The board went on to approve the presented report. 

The board then recognized Steve Browne and the NCHS music program on a successful trip to New York City as well as a spring concert. 

There was no unfinished business to report, so they moved straight into new business. On the agenda was the awaited approval for the resolution declaring the intention to issue working cash fund bonds for the purpose of increasing the working cash fund of the District, consolidated district plan, title one schoolwide waiver, IHSA membership renewal, the sale of excess cafeteria furniture, the summer school program, overnight/out of state trip requests, and the status of closed session minutes and destruction of closed session audio recordings exceeding 18 months. The consolidated district plan needs to be approved for 2022-23 needs to be approved for the school to receive any federal and state grants. The Title one state program allows the school to spend money on more than just math and english. IHSA Membership renewal program initially began with a three year assessment plan due to revenues they did not get due to COVID. There are no fees this year, and the IHSA will soon begin giving refunds. 

“With the state series, I think their financing has improved tremendously,” said Turner. 

With the purchase of new cafeteria tables, the board was looking to approve the sale of some of the old furniture. Turner suggested that the old cafeteria chairs replace the chairs in the older seating in the library. While the exact details are still being worked out, the school will once again be offering a summer school program. Last year it was online, and while there were mixed reviews, one of the positives was the school was able to offer more of a variety of programs due to not having to have a licensed certified teachers teach the classes. The board then approved overnight requests for the Stingers and Science Club. Following the approval of the previously mentioned items, Superintendent then went over the Superintendents Report. 

Turner went over a potential inter-fund transfer as well as updates to the facility. In the previous two years, the school approved of transfers from the TORT and IRF into transportation. If the education fund balance remains strong, Turner wants to look at the last two and possibly three EBF payments moving into the transformation. 

“Transportation costs are going to continue to go up. We’ve been pretty lucky that we locked in fuel last summer before it really went crazy, but this summer this fuel bid is not going to be as friendly,” said Turner. 

There was a miscalculation on the population of the Chicago school district back in 2018, the initial year of EBF. The error led to overfunding for them, and underfunding for the school’s down the line. NCHS will receive an additional $47,000. Turner is wanting to move the additional funds into the transportation fund. The first facility updates included the new painting and sanding of the Assembly Hall floor. There will be an addition added to the floor in front of the opposing team’s bench that will feature a tribute to the 1978 State Championship Boys team, the 2013 State Championship girl’s team, and the 2022 State Champion Hornet team. Over the summer, the hope is to have the ditch in between the baseball and softball diamonds to be maintenanced. Moeller Brothers will supply the riprap. Lime will also be pulled and grass will be planted. The estimated cost for the riprap will run at roughly $3,000. The board is also looking to complete the construction of the greenhouse. 

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