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Nashville Police Showcases New Equipment for City Council

By Leah Williams

The Nashville City Council got a first-hand look at its recent purchase for the police department during its regular meeting on June 16.

Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher presented a demonstration on the new body-worn cameras and tasers.

One of the key features of the body cameras, Fletcher said, is the ability to automatically record the moments prior to an incident. Once the device is activated, it will include a portion of video along with intended recording.

“This way if we are doing something then it catches the 30 seconds prior,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher also said that each camera is assigned to an officer who returns the device to a dock at the end of each shift. All saved recordings are then uploaded to the cloud and logged in under the officer’s name.

Fletcher said any important part of the recording can be easily logged for prosecution.

“If there is an important part that the State’s Attorney should know about, then we can make a little note,” he said. “That way they don’t have to watch the whole thing.”

The tasers also work with the body cameras, which automatically turn on once the tasers are activated.

The council updated the city’s policies regarding police officers and body cameras during its June 2 meeting. According to the Centralia Sentinel, the tasers and cameras were purchased during the April 21 meeting, and the cost came to $87,259.98.

In other news, the council approved a pre-application engineering agreement with Curry and Associates to assist in obtaining funds through rural development. The funds would go toward the replacement of two lift stations, a project that is estimated to cost between $2 and $3 million.

“The sooner we get started on this project, the better off we will be,” said Mayor Raymond Kolweier.

The council also agreed to reapply for the Rebuild Illinois grant in case other funds became available.

The council also approved the hires of Chris Lisk and Terry Pelczynski Jr. for the Street Department. Both employees are currently under pre-employment physical and background checks. Pelczynsk is expected to start on July 5 while List is scheduled to begin on July 11.

The May recycling report included 144 residents using the service and collecting 11,140 pounds, or 5.57 tons.

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