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Nashville Council Approves Donation To County Fair

By Todd Marver

The Nashville City Council approved a $10,000 donation to the Washington County Fair at its Thursday, March 16 meeting. New to the fair this year will be a concert featuring Rodney Atkins and Chase Wright on July 12 at 7 p.m.

“Each year for the past several years, we’ve given $5,000 for the fair. (Washington County Fair Board President Rhonda Mueller) is asking for some additional money this year to pull off that concert. I think another $5,000 would be appropriate. The money will be coming from the gaming fund,” said councilman Kelly Sheridan.

The council approved a computer purchase for the detective at the police station from Miken Technologies in the amount of $1,175.42.

“The one that was out there is not working anymore. We got an estimate through Miken for a computer and setup,” said councilman Shawn Kabat.

Police Chief Brian Fletcher said the department got the previous computer that was in the detective’s office from a State Farm grant several years ago.

“It was at least eight years old. It wouldn’t even play surveillance videos and that’s pretty important for a detective,” he said.

The council approved a bid from Woody’s Municipal Supply in the amount of $15,604.77 to outfit the street department’s new dump truck.

“(Woody’s) got us a quote for this. We’ve done a lot of business with them in the past. They outfitted all of our other trucks,” councilman Doug Hargan said.

Hargan said the bid includes a light package for the truck, shovel racks and a portable saltbox.

“The saltbox is important because we keep three trucks salted at the same time. This truck with a saltbox, you don’t have to have a CDL to drive this. Any of the other employees with a license can operate it and still spread salt with a saltbox on this particular truck. That’s about two-thirds of this bid,” he said.

The council approved the hiring of Eric Meyer to the utility department.

“He will start the 20th of March. He’s going to be taking Kody Moore’s spot on the gas department crew. Kody’s going to be moving out to the sewer department,” said councilman Jennifer Szopinski.

Hargan reported that the compost site will reopen Saturday, April 1.

“It’s going to be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 to 4. The recycling trailer will be located at the compost site on Saturdays,” he said.

Utility Supervisor Blaine Middleton reported that the city is going to have hydrant flushing from April 3-14. He said that on April 3, they’ll be starting on the north side of town and working their way south up until April 14.

“March 27, we’ll be switching to pre-chlorine and on (April) 17th we’ll be switching back to total chlorine. Basically the same procedure as we’ve done for years now. You’ll notice a change in the smell of your water. It starts smelling like pool water. It’s stronger at that time so we can flush and break things loose in the main. It disinfects and fills everything. It’s like spring cleaning in the fall,” he said.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier reported that the council will need to have a public hearing at 6:45 p.m. before its next meeting on April 6 at 7 p.m.

“That has to do with the application we’re putting together for the lift stations. One of the requirements for that application is to have a public hearing,” he said.

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