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Nashville City Council approves purchase of new squad car

By Todd Marver

At its Thursday, September 21 meeting, the Nashville City Council approved the purchase of a new squad car in the amount of $47,345.

Alderman Shawn Kabat said they’ve got one unit that is on order right now that has been on order. He said it’s in, but they haven’t received it yet and it’s still getting all the supplies into it. He said it has probably been three months since it has been in and they haven’t gotten it yet. That was supposed to be the K-9 unit, but didn’t come with the auxiliary air that is required for a K-9 unit.

“We would like to get one on order now, not knowing how long it will be or what will be going on, especially with the strike. Our dealer rep is saying it will most likely be a while. It might be beneficial that we look at a new unit or at least get one on order and it comes in down the road. It does have auxiliary air. (Let’s) at least order a car and get it on order, so that we could have it sometime next year most likely,” he said.

Police Chief Brian Fletcher said the purchase price includes what the dealership provides as far as lights, siren and console. He said the purchase does not include the radio, radar and in-car camera installation and the cost for what is not included in the purchase price should be under $10,000. The city would not pay for the car until delivery.

“Radios are generally $2,000 to $3,000. Radar is probably about the same (cost as radios),” he said.

Kabat said they’ve got the cage already and bought that.

The council approved the road salt quote from Morton Salt in the amount of $87.86 per ton at an allotment of 200 tons. Alderman Doug Hargan said that surprisingly, the quote went down 93 cents a ton from last year and they don’t have to use 200 tons, but that’s the allotment.

“The road salt quote is in for this year. With a reasonable price per ton and their past service to the city, nobody comes close to Morton Salt,” he said.

The council approved a $250 hole sponsorship for the Nashville Community Center golf tournament on October 1.

Alderman Kelly Sheridan said last year, the city also sponsored the tournament for $250. The money will come out of the gaming fund.

The council approved the 2022 audit. Sheridan said a couple weeks ago, council members all should have gotten a copy of the 2022 audit for their reading pleasure.

Hargan reported leaf bag pickup will begin on Monday, October 2 and it’s going to run until the compost site closes at the very end of the year. He said residents are required to have bags set out by 7 a.m. on Monday and Friday and must have a lawn/yard disposable waste bag, which can be purchased at local hardware stores.

“If you don’t use those, they’ll be left on the curb and won’t pick them up,” he said.

Logan Gill, street supervisor, said oiling is done and all went well. He said the paint sprayer and pressure washer are working very well.

Alderman Gary Moeller reported that city officials received a memo from Utility Superintendent Blaine Middleton regarding hydrant flushing.

The memo states that the City of Nashville will be flushing its water main/distribution system starting on Monday, October 2 and running through Friday, October 13. The city will be flushing the north side of the system first and then progressing to the south side. The city will be switching to free CL2 residual for this flushing beginning on Monday, September 25. The city will be switching back to total CL2 residual on Monday, October 16. The best time for surrounding citizens to start flushing would be after Monday, October 16. The city will have finished flushing at that time. Individuals who have any questions can call Middleton at 618-327-8918 or 618-327-3428.

Sheridan reported a meeting was scheduled with the union for September 28. He said the union rep could not make it on that day, so the meeting is rescheduled for October 5 at 10 a.m. at City Hall.

“If anyone would like to attend, you’re welcome to,” he said.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier said as they keep moving along, there will be paperwork for city officials to sign regarding the lift stations that the city is putting in.

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