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The History of Illinois with Tom Emery

The state of Illinois has a rich and varied history that is understood by few today. From its acceptance to the Union in 1818, Illinois history spans the days of Native American habitat and European settlement, to its political giants such as Lincoln and Douglas and its economic impact on the nation. There are countless…

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Meet the Artists

Join the artists as they talk about the process of creating “Bootlegger,” the history involved in the story and meet some of the characters at the Nashville Public Library, on Thursday, December 12, at 7 p.m. Signed copies will be available for purchase.   According to Words Matter Publishing, Brian L. Alvis grew up in…

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Adopting Our Fallen: A Transatlantic WWII Love Story

Learn how the Dutch have cared for our fallen WWII soldiers through the years with the adoption program at the Netherlands American Cemetery. Information about the cemeteries, the adoption program, and the current ways they continue to honor our fallen will be shared. Come with your own stories and questions.

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