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Column: Seeking Voices Of Faith, People Of Faith

Dear Readers: You may have noticed something different on this page over the last few weeks. The “Ask A Pastor” column is no more, but it has not disappeared so much as undergone a renovation – in its place is “Faith Perspectives.” See Page A10 for this week’s edition, online here. Voices of Faith Needed…

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Column: Seeking Solutions To The Heroin Problem

Dear Readers: There comes a time when a newspaper person, particularly those of us at small town papers, but really, anywhere, feels the need to abandon some of their impartiality and put their own voice into things. Usually it’s in a column, but in the opening of the article related to the heroin project (Here,…

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Column: Galleries And Calendars And, Oh My!

Dear Readers: It’s an exciting time here. Spring is so close I can practically taste it (Yum…Hayfever!), and well, if we’re being honest, it’s still pretty chilly out, but it is March and this Monday was Casimir Pulaski Day so that means Sunday was…DuBois PolishFest! I have enjoyed PolishFest for a long time before I…

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