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Stephen Kozuszek Gets Hornets Football Head Coaching Gig

Stephen Kozuszek, Hornets Football Offensive Coordinator under former head coach Tim Kuhn, has been tapped to lead the gridiron squad beginning next season. By Brent Huelsmann     Just a few weeks removed from Tim Kuhn resigning as coach of the Nashville Hornets football team, Nashville has a new coach. The Hornets stayed in-house with the…

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Harre To Coach Boys Basketball

Wayne Harre, longtime Hornets Girls Basketball Coach and former Hornets athletic director, has been tapped to lead the NCHS Boys Basketball team. By Brent Huelsmann     A few weeks after a loss in the Sectional Final to Alton Marquette, the Nashville Hornets basketball program was looking for a new coach. Brad Weathers, retired from coaching…

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Manic May Monday For NCHS Board

Members of the NCHS Hornets Varsity Football Team came to the NCHS Board meeting held on Monday, May 22, in order to offer a statement of support for coach Stephen Kozuszek, who had not yet been hired at that point as the head football coach. Kozuszek’s hiring was announced by the board at a special…

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Letter: Strong Leader Needed To Continue Tradition Of Excellence At NCHS

US academic environments define leadership as “a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. (Wikipedia). As taxpayers we expect that the high school we support functions at the highest level possible within the means available. Through elections we select…

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