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NCHS Superintendent

Rebuttal – NCHS Superintendent’s Notes, May 24, 2017

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99     My summer break has gotten off to a rocky start.  Unfortunately,  some (not all) of my friends with the Nashville Education Association aren’t happy with me.  I’m in good company.  Santa Claus can’t make everybody happy.  Jesus Christ was perfect and was killed for his actions. …

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Tantrums – NCHS Superintendent’s Notes, March 1, 2017

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99     Temper tantrums seem to be in style these days.  When I was a kid, a fit was met with a swift cure by my parents.  They often told me things that I didn’t want to hear.  This usually involved the word “no” somewhere in the conversation. …

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Dentist – NCHS Superintendent’s Notes, February 22, 2017

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99     In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said “the only thing to fear is fear itself”.  That is exactly what I had recently when I had to visit the dentist’s office.  I had fear itself.  I’ve never liked going to the dentist.  The thought of it makes…

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