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United Church of Christ

Faith Perspectives – May 31, 2017

By Rev. Beverly Kahle St. Paul UCC – Nashville     Terrorist act follows terrorist act. Prices of all the essentials seem to just keep rising, Pay checks seem to dwindle. Crime is on the rise. The government is in an uproar. Could it be another year without a state budget? These things affect not just…

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Faith Perspectives – May 3, 2017

By Rev. Beverly Kahle – St. Paul U.C.C., Nashville     It seems like eons ago that we celebrated Easter – yet it was only just a few weeks, and the truth is that we are still living in the Easter season.  As Christians we declare that this was the pivotal moment in history.  Christ conquered…

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Ask A Pastor – March 8, 2017

By Rev. Beverly Kahle – St. Paul U.C.C., Nashville     I came across a quote from Mother Teresa, “The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace.”  What a profound statement! This world today…

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A Noisy Offering At Zion UCC Hoyleton For Second Mile Giving

When Gertie Holle and Janet Klie attended the Illinois South Conference of the United Church of Christ Annual Meeting last fall, they were concerned about the budget cuts to DuBois Center near DuBois and the Uni-Pres Kinder Cottage in East St. Louis. They and the members at Zion have a great passion for these two…

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